Website Basics Series

How to Register a Domain Name and Set up Hosting in 5 Simple Steps

You’ve got a great idea for a blog, online store or website. Now you just need a home for it. That home consists of two parts: – the domain name (your website address) and – hosting (where your site’s information is stored) Setting up those two parts is easier than it may sound and whether […]

The Low Down on Domain Names

What is a Domain Name? Every computer that connects to the internet is assigned a unique string of numbers called an IP address. But, like phone numbers, passwords and your spouse’s birthday, IP addresses can be difficult to impossible to remember. That’s where a Domain Name comes in. Instead of making humanity memorize random strings […]

Website Design – Why Hire a Pro

Why hire a professional web designer? In our technology savvy world, your website may be your clients’ first impression of you. The first thing many of us do when we hear of a new gadget, author, restaurant, store, etc. is to check out their website. If the website is ugly, or worse, non-existent, that’s the […]

Qualities of an Effective Website

Think about the websites you visit on a regular basis. What is it about those sites that compels you to bookmark them and return often? Is it the way they look? Is the content interesting and the text on the page is easy to read? Are the products and information you’re looking for easy to […]

Web Hosting Explained

What is a web host? “Web Host”, “Web Hosting” and “Web Servers” are fancy terms for “the place where my website sits.” Think of a web host like this: Your friend invites you to a party at her house. She is your host and her house is the space where you’re partying. When you build […]