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Stream Video From Your Laptop to Your TV

Is your TV lacking IQ points? Are your friends streaming live events or laughing at the latest YouTube cat video on their TV, while yours sits and laughs at you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you how to put some artificial intelligence into your TV so you can stream that […]

Get Your Blog Up and Running in Less Than 5 Minutes

You’ve registered the perfect domain name for your blog and your hosting is all set up. Now you’re ready to get your blog visible to the world. Just follow the simple steps below to install WordPress on your own and you’ll be up and running in less than five minutes. You’ll need to have these […]

3 Things to Know When Choosing a Wireless Router

I’ve seen a lot of questions online and in my email lately asking “How do I choose a wireless router?” It can be an overwhelming choice, especially for those just starting out on their wireless journey. There are so many to choose from, they have their own alphabet, and some come with more features than […]

The Low Down on Domain Names

What is a Domain Name? Every computer that connects to the internet is assigned a unique string of numbers called an IP address. But, like phone numbers, passwords and your spouse’s birthday, IP addresses can be difficult to impossible to remember. That’s where a Domain Name comes in. Instead of making humanity memorize random strings […]

Web Hosting Explained

What is a web host? “Web Host”, “Web Hosting” and “Web Servers” are fancy terms for “the place where my website sits.” Think of a web host like this: Your friend invites you to a party at her house. She is your host and her house is the space where you’re partying. When you build […]